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Ajna is an integrated, single-source database solution built specifically for staffing agencies, incorporating CRM, ATS, timekeeping, and payroll functionalities. Designed to evolve with your organizational needs, Ajna uses new information and feedback to enhance matching, responsiveness, and complex back-office interactions.

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Why us?

We adapt dynamically to your needs

Ajna is an advanced staffing and recruiting solution to boost your agency's efficiency and profitability. It enhances transparency, accelerates the sales cycle, and improves cost-efficiency by automating tasks, freeing your team to focus on strategic growth.

Addressing common industry challenges such as lengthy hiring times, access to qualified candidates, opaque workflows, and scheduling inefficiencies, Ajna offers automated sourcing, comprehensive feedback management, and a transparent search-to-placement process.

With near-perfect accuracy and a deep understanding of job and candidate profiles, Ajna facilitates seamless talent acquisition. It anticipates user needs, tailors experience to individual preferences, and delivers highly personalized services.


Unlock your business's potential with Ajna

Our commitment to continuous technology improvement ensures Ajna remains at the forefront, offering cutting-edge recruiting process automation, accelerated skills-based matching, advanced integrated applicant tracking, and seamless back-office functionality.

Intuitive Design

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Ajna boasts an intuitive design that prioritizes seamless navigation and effortless use, delivering a superior user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Its interface is elegantly structured, allowing users to navigate effortlessly through its features.

The UI is thoughtfully crafted, presenting information in a clear and organized manner. Users can easily access the tools they need, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Ajna's UI focuses on simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that every interaction is intuitive and rewarding.

The platform's design is user-centric, with a keen focus on providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. From its clean layout to its intuitive controls, every aspect of Ajna is designed to make not only your journey but also the journeys of your clients and candidates seamless and enjoyable.

Algorithmic Skills-Based Matching

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Unlock the power of intelligent recruitment with our algorithmic skills-based matching feature. Our advanced algorithm evaluates criteria such as experience and interests, intelligently connecting you with the most suitable candidates. This broadens your candidate pool and ensures your connection with top talent. Each candidate receives a matching score, and jobs score both matched and applied candidates, streamlining your sourcing process and helping you focus on the most relevant applicants.

Automated Interview Scheduling

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Request interviews within Ajna and easily send invitations to clients and candidates. Candidates can respond directly through their portal by accepting, declining, or suggesting alternative times, offering flexibility and convenience. Once an interview is scheduled, Ajna automates the process by sending calendar invites to interviewers and candidates, reducing administrative work and ensuring all parties are aligned with the interview timings.

customized for your business

Effortlessly incorporate your tools into our platform

Ajna allows for seamless integration with any of your preferred technologies. We work closely with you to tailor Ajna specifically to your organizational needs.

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Your Compliance Partner

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Built on stringent ethical standards and robust privacy safeguards, Ajna ensures trust and safety in every interaction, while fully complying with national hiring regulations.

Ajna is a skills-based hiring platform that uses skills, qualifications, and experience to match candidates with appropriate job opportunities. Designed to support compliance with federal, state, and corporate equitable hiring laws and regulations, Ajna has the capability to redact information, thereby mitigating hiring risks.

How it works

Meet our process

Through continuous learning and refinement, we develop a bespoke database solution that evolves alongside you. The possibilities are limitless with Ajna, and we are eager to partner with you to create your customized, end-to-end recruiting solution.

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1. Demo/

Phase One begins with a comprehensive demonstration of Ajna’s features and capabilities. This is followed by a detailed assessment of your needs. By collaborating closely with you and your team, we identify how Ajna can specifically address your requirements and overcome existing challenges, laying the foundation for a successful partnership.

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2. Configuration/

Phase Two involves configuring the system according to your specific requirements. This includes creating customized workflows, roles, and permissions, as well as setting up integrations with your existing tools and systems. Our team ensures seamless integration of Ajna with your current infrastructure, guaranteeing smooth data flow and interoperability.

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3. Conversion/

Phase Three is dedicated to preserving the integrity of your data. This involves migrating data from your existing systems into Ajna, ensuring accurate transfer and correct handling of any data mappings or transformations. Our team meticulously manages this process to maintain the quality and reliability of your data throughout the migration.

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