Unbiased matching is just a click away.

Goodbye, personal bias. Hello, new hire.

Innovation with integrity. Automation with intention. Transparency where it matters. Welcome to the future of hiring, where we’ve taken the guesswork (and the grunt work) out of the hiring process. Where time-to-hire isn’t impacted by the overwhelming resume shuffle, or calendar Tetris-ing. Where job seekers never get “lost” in the system. Where the tools to 10x your business are completely at your disposal. Where the perfect job or the perfect candidate is just a click away.
Welcome to Ajna.

What does Ajna provide?

Unbiased Matching

 Our algorithmic matching assigns scores based on key factors necessary to finding that perfect fit. Relevant skills and experience? Compensation requirements? Preferred management style? You got it. With the combined skills and culture/values-based scoring, we rank our Top 60 candidates best suited for the job.


We offer full workflow transparency where it matters most: every step of the way. Through our real-time notifications, you’ll never be left hanging or wondering where you stand in the interview process.

Holistic Profiles

We offer on-demand access to holistic candidate profiles—because resumes don’t get jobs, people do. With our database of globally recognized unbiased descriptions of roles, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications, showcasing work history has never been easier.

Smart Scheduling

Save yourself the hassle of trying to manage interview schedules across different jobs. Ajna’s automated interview scheduling helps eliminate the back-and-forth (and the headache).

Timesheet Management

No need for a separate timekeeping system—Ajna does it all! View, edit, accept/reject timesheets with just a few easy clicks of a button. Boom. Done.

...And so much more

Our platform is pretty cutting edge, but we’re continuously building and innovating. Our end goal? To completely revolutionize the antiquated hiring process as we know it. 

Mindfully Gated Information

Photos, names, and resumes are hidden until certain points of the interview process to prevent unconscious bias. Employers have access to a redacted version of our candidates’ profiles—complete with matching scores, desired location, general experience, skills, interests, and industry. In other words, all of the information necessary to making an informed decision during the initial screening process—no more, no less.

Your next hire is just a click away.

Ready for your next hire? Look no further! In just a few easy steps, you can register your employer account today. Begin the process by building your job posting, and let us know what you’re looking for!

Finding your next job just got a whole lot easier.

As it turns out, the job search doesn’t have to be a tedious cycle of application after application. Build your candidate profile today (our services are FREE to candidates) and let us take care of the rest!

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