Skills-based hiring mitigates employer liabilities while fostering a more inclusive hiring process.

With ajna, every individual is evaluated for opportunities aligned with their skills, qualifications, and experience.


Time is a valuable resource, and ajna expedites the job search and hiring process.


Our platform offers instant matching, streamlined single-profile application submissions, automated scheduling, real-time job search status updates, and in-system communication for a more efficient experience.

Redacted profiles

Profiles showcasing essential skills, qualifications, and experience – the critical information needed to ensure top hires.

Skills-based matching

Percentage-based matching details focus on specific skills, qualifications and strengths, creating a clear path for opportunities and skill enhancement.


Our tailored employer and talent portals, keep you informed throughout the process. Benefit from instant, on-demand matching and real-time notifications to guarantee no job or profile goes unnoticed.