Bias in hiring exists and is harmful to all

With ajna, EVERY person is considered for opportunities where they are skilled, qualified, and experienced, Bias-Free.

Time is our most precious resource. ajna helps speed up the job search and hiring process.

Instant matching, single profile applying, automated scheduling, job search status, and real-time in-system communications.

Gated profiles

Profiles that feature skills, qualifications, and experience – the info that matters. Identifying details are gated until the interview stage, everyone has the opportunity to be seen bias-free.

Bias-free matching

AI is riddled with Bias! ajna offers bias-free algorithmic matching instead and ensures top-quality matches are made. Percentage matching details hone in on specific areas of strength and create a line of sight for opportunity and up-skilling


Full workflow transparency every step of the way. Through the personalized employer and talent portal, you will always be in the know. Instant on-demand matching and real-time notifications to ensure no job or profile goes unseen.