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Starting as a simple idea, Ajna has evolved into a groundbreaking technology. As the premier all-in-one provider, we focus on automating the recruiting process, freeing agencies to prioritize being human-centric. Ajna's match and search capabilities set the industry standard, driving the ROI that fuels companies' future growth and success!

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Our values drive everything we do

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Innovation is the driving force in every aspect of our development. Helping us challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and create new possibilities. Inspiring our creativity, fostering our growth and adaptability. Inspiring us to make meaningful advancements.

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Collaboration fosters shared creativity, sparking new ideas, encouraging diverse perspectives, promoting teamwork, communication, and trust. It leads to more effective decision-making ultimately resulting in achievement of shared milestones and goals.

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Agility supports our flexibility and adaptability. It enables us to adapt to change, encourages risk-taking, and creates competitive advantage. It enhances resilience, promotes our mindset of collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

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Excellence embodies our pursuit for the highest standards. It fosters a growth mindset, fuels consistent learning and encourages mindful intention and enables us to make meaningful contributions while making substantial impacts in everything we do.

Our team

Meet the team behind Ajna

Sara Menke

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matt Ruport

Chief Operating Officer

Assim Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Kailee Bentz

Product Manager

Kim Hallowell

Systems Project Manager


Frequently asked questions

Does Ajna offer a free trial?

While Ajna doesn't offer free trials, we provide access to our sandbox environment upon request. This dedicated space allows for initial testing or ongoing training without impacting live data or operations. Explore Ajna's features and functionalities in a risk-free environment, fostering confidence, competence, and innovation among your team.

Is Ajna a single-source staffing solution?

Yes! Our comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), timekeeping, and billing functionalities, empowering organizations to streamline processes and unlock their workforce's full potential. Let's explore how Ajna can simplify your workforce management and drive business success together.

Can Ajna integrate with other technologies?

Ajna seamlessly integrates with a wide range of technologies. Our platform is designed to be interoperable, allowing for smooth connectivity with various systems and applications commonly used in business environments. Whether you're utilizing CRM software, HRIS platforms, accounting tools, or any other technology stack, Ajna can integrate with them to ensure data consistency, streamlined workflows, and enhanced productivity across your organization. With our flexible integration capabilities, you can leverage the power of Ajna alongside your existing tech stack to drive efficiency and achieve your business objectives seamlessly.

What is the Ajna pricing model?

Introducing Ajna Technologies' transparent and flexible pricing options, designed with your agency's needs in mind. From boutique to enterprise-level staffing agencies, we offer scalable solutions that align with your budget and goals. With Ajna, you can access premium features without any hidden fees or surprises, ensuring clarity and confidence in your investment. Explore our pricing plans tailored to empower your business growth and success.

Can we import data into Ajna?

Yes, we offer data migration services as a part of onboarding/implementation. It will be an additional one-time fee.

Can we post jobs from Ajna to our website?

Yes, we offer both XML and API options, allowing you full control over the look and feel of your branded job board.

How do you ensure the security of our data?

We prioritize the security of your data with several key measures. Firstly, Ajna does not request or store confidential candidate information such as social security numbers or addresses, minimizing the risk of sensitive data exposure. Each customer has a separate database, ensuring complete isolation from other customers’ data. Our database connections are protected by VPN and VPC peering, allowing connections to database servers only within our AWS network. Only specified ECS containers within our AWS network are authorized to communicate with the database server, and these containers operate in a private subnet with communication tightly controlled by security groups, allowing only HTTPS traffic. Additionally, we implement real-time backups for our database servers to prevent data loss. In case of any issues, we can restore the database to a previous state using the "point in time restore" feature. These comprehensive measures ensure that your data remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.

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