Client Portal

Elevate client engagement with our comprehensive client portal, designed to enhance transparency, collaboration, and empowerment throughout the recruitment process. This platform gives clients full visibility into our candidate database and workflows, making them active partners in the hiring journey.

Key benefits include:

Complete Visibility: Access a (blinded) view of our candidate database and workflows for a transparent partnership.

Profile Customization: Clients can edit and update their profiles to ensure accurate representation.

Empowered Job Search: Clients can actively create, edit, and manage job listings directly within the portal.

Candidate Management: Streamline the selection process by sourcing, reviewing, shortlisting, rejecting, and requesting interviews.

Interactive Interview Process: Manage interview scheduling, provide feedback, and handle next steps seamlessly.

Feedback Access: View all candidate feedback from interviews conducted for their jobs.

Placement and Timesheet Management: Review active and historical placements and manage timesheets for candidates on assignment.

Instant Messaging: Connect directly with an account manager for immediate assistance.

By providing a centralized platform for active participation in the recruitment process, we enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and deliver a tailored experience that meets clients' unique hiring needs. The client portal underscores our commitment to partnership, transparency, and client success.