Matt Ruport

With over two decades in the recruitment and staffing industry, Matt is a seasoned professional known for his innovative and efficient approach. His tenure includes overseeing the operational management of Premier Talent Partners, guiding its growth from $7M to an impressive $38M year over year.

Matt's expertise shines in his adeptness at implementing and managing five applicant tracking systems, including developing two end-to-end solutions. He excels in process engineering, seamlessly integrating new tools and practices across departments to drive operational excellence in Finance, HR, IT, and Recruiting.

What sets Matt apart is not just his technological proficiency, but also his adaptability and holistic approach to problem-solving. His ability to think critically and creatively, coupled with his realism and empathetic team spirit, empowers teams and transforms operations. Matt's journey is characterized by leveraging his diverse skill set to chart a course for sustained success in an ever-evolving industry landscape.