Sara Menke

With over 30 years of experience in the staffing sector, Sara founded Ajna Technologies in 2019, branching out from her prior venture, Premier Talent Partners. Her entrepreneurial journey reflects a commitment to reshaping the employment industry.

Driven by her background as a recruiter and a desire to innovate, Sara introduced Ajna, a platform revolutionizing talent acquisition by automating processes and prioritizing exact matching based on skills and experience alignment.

From the inception of Premier Talent Partners to the launch of Ajna, Sara's vision, determination, and dedication to transforming hiring practices are evident. A true futurist, Sara is constantly looking for ways to streamline processes, amplify efficiency, and mitigate risks—all while amplifying profits. Her journey is not just about achieving milestones; it's about shaping the future of recruitment with unwavering vision and relentless determination.

Her impact extends beyond business, as she balances her entrepreneurial endeavors with her role as a mother of three, sister to ten, and aunt to fifty-two.