Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Swetha is the driving force behind Ajna's technical delivery, ensuring flawless project execution—on time, within budget, and with unwavering quality. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications and a Master's degree in Embedded Systems, Swetha embodies a formidable blend of technical prowess and academic rigor.

With 12 years of immersive experience spanning finance, logistics, eCommerce, and IoT, Swetha has honed her skills across various domains. Her journey is marked by the successful development, scaling, and management of multiple SaaS platforms, each utilizing different technology stacks such as Java, MERN, and Python.

From hands-on coding to project management, portfolio management, and cultivating technology teams from their inception, Swetha's expertise knows no bounds. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and precision in navigating complexities have positioned her as a trusted leader in technical delivery.

As she steers Ajna towards technological excellence, Swetha's vision and experience promise to elevate the platform to new heights of success.