With Ajna, every individual is evaluated for opportunities aligned with their skills, qualifications, and experience.

Our job search platform offers access to on-site, hybrid, and remote job opportunities. Jobs are curated based on your skills and qualifications. Our open system enables you to explore all available positions both locally and nationally.

Instant, profile-based application—no resume necessary.

Say farewell to the resume!

That’s right! With Ajna, you create one profile that you use to apply to all jobs.

No need to upload and re-enter resume details into forms. Forget about cover letters and the hassle of date verification or addressing resume gaps.

ajna’s Universal Language ensures a seamless communication channel between employers and candidates. You can select from the same job titles, responsibilities, and requirements used by employers when posting open positions. Rather than translating your resume for each application, your profile will be instantly matched to pertinent job openings as soon as they become available

Matching to jobs you didn’t even know existed.

In industries you may never have considered, because your skills work whether you use them for a design house or a manufacturing plant.

ajna takes your profile and matches it to jobs that need your experience and meet your requirements, for companies seeking on-site, hybrid and remote employees.

Prioritizing skills-based hiring has a profound impact on everyone.

From the tiniest freckle to our complete identity, human beings are inherently unique.

ajna harnesses your pertinent details, such as skills and experience directly relevant to your desired job. Companies utilizing Ajna seek talent with your ability to perform the job, unburdened by unrelated facets of our lives that bear no significance in accomplishing the work successfully.