Unbiased matching, selection and interview tool

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Optimized to find the best candidates

Ajna is a job creation tool that eliminates bias in the hiring process from match to interview, so you can focus on what matters: skills, qualifications, and experience.

Once an interview is confirmed, profiles are ungated and there is full disclosure of relevant profile information. You will be amazed at how the universal language plus the gated profile changes your perception of what is required to do the best work for your company. This increased diversity will make your business more competitive and relevant to customers who care about seeing themselves reflected in your employees.

Qualified candidates for every job.

Ajna finds the people with the skills, qualifications and experience you need who are overlooked by ATS systems. Talent in your own backyard, and across the United States, local and remote.

The Universal Language of work.

Job postings and resumes don’t speak the same language.

By providing a bias-free Universal Language, Ajna removes the confusion created by vanity job titles and industry-specific speech and acronyms that prevent you from finding candidates with the skills you require.

See how bias impacts the qualified candidate pool.

Concerns about conscious and unconscious bias put a large burden and liability on your teams. Ajna takes the pressure off the team making hiring decisions, eliminating bias before the candidate is interviewed. Ajna supports your diverse and equitable hiring initiatives while expanding your human capability.