ajna accelerates and simplifies the entire process of matching, connecting, interviewing, and hiring, making it more efficient than ever.


Our patent-pending technology not only ensures compliance but also reduces attrition and streamlines the hiring process, ultimately maximizing business value.

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Our competitive edge

ajna is a comprehensive skills-based hiring solution that:

  1. Ensures compliance with skills-based hiring mandates.

  2. Reduces corporate risk through job profile-building technology.

  3. Enhances hiring processes for significant time and cost savings.

  4. Implements ratio matching for all skilled, qualified, and experienced talent.

  5. Strengthens corporate initiatives focused on equitable hiring.

Profile building technology

Job descriptions, job postings, and resumes often use different terminology, causing confusion. ajna resolves this by offering universally recognized, data sets, eliminating the ambiguity arising from vanity job titles and industry-specific language.


Within ajna, employers optimize traditional job descriptions and construct profiles using these universally recognized, data sets. This approach ensures you won’t miss out on engaging with exceptional talent, and you’ll continually have access to an on-demand candidate pool.

A Human Centric and Skills-Based approach

We’ve emphasized it before, and we’ll emphasize it again: skills, qualifications, and experience are significantly important when choosing candidates to interview for your open positions.


ajna’s technology empowers you and your team to evaluate gated profiles, choose potential candidates, and extend interview invitations.


Once both parties confirm an interview, profiles are unlocked, and candidate information is revealed.


We believe you’ll be astonished by how your perception of what’s essential for delivering optimal performance at your company evolves.

ajna ensures that EVERY individual is evaluated for opportunities aligning with their skills, qualifications, and experience.
ajna serves as a catalyst, expediting the job search and hiring process, freeing you and your teams to concentrate on identifying the vital soft skills that secure the perfect hire.
ajna’s automation streamlines sourcing through instant matching and scheduling. It provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of the entire job search journey and facilitates rapid, efficient communication with all your applicants.