ajna makes matching, connecting, interviewing, and hiring faster, easier, and more efficient.

Our patent-pending technology mitigates bias, supports compliance, decreases attrition, and streamlines hiring processes, all while maximizing business value.

Person in a wheelchair on their laptop

Our competitive edge

ajna is an inclusive tool and a solution that …

  • Supports compliance with unbiased hiring requirements.
  • Lowers corporate risk via bias-free Job profile-building technology.
  • Optimizes hiring processes, saving time and money.
  • Ratio matching of all available skilled, qualified, and experienced talent.
  • Reinforces corporate equitable hiring initiatives.

Bias-free profile building technology

Job descriptions, job postings, and resumes rarely speak the same language. By providing universally recognized, bias-free, data sets, ajna removes the confusion created by vanity job titles and industry-specific speech.

In ajna job seekers ditch the resume. Instead, they create a profile using these same universally recognized, bias-free, data sets. You will no longer miss out on connecting with great talent and you will always have access to an on-demand candidate pipeline.

Only the info that matters

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Skills, qualifications, and experience are the only parameters that matter when you are selecting whom to interview for your open role.

This is why we stand by gated profiles.

ajna’s technology allows you and your team to review gated profiles,

select candidates, and invite them to interview.

Once an interview is confirmed by both parties,

profiles are ungated and there is disclosure of the candidates

profile information.

We think you will be amazed at how your perception of what is required to do the best work for your company changes.

By providing a bias-free Universal Language, Ajna removes the confusion created by vanity job titles and industry-specific speech and acronyms that prevent you from finding candidates with the skills you require.

We recognize that technology will never replace the human element that is critical in the hiring process.

With ajna, EVERY person is considered for opportunities where they are skilled, qualified, and experienced, Bias-Free.

Time is our most precious resource. ajna helps speed up the job search and hiring process so that you and your teams can focus on identifying the soft skills that guarantee the right hire.

ajna automates sourcing with our instant matching and scheduling, it gives you 360-degree views of the entire job search process and allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with all of your applicants.