our technology

At ajna, we recognize that bias in hiring is more than just a social issue.

We’ve created a patent-pending technology that eliminates bias in the hiring process, increases attractiveness to top candidates, contributes to increases in retention and profitability, and ensures regulatory compliance reducing corporate liability.

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Our Products

An applicant tracking system designed for staffing agencies to support compliance with employers’ unbiased hiring practices and requirements. ajna reduces time-to-hire, expands access to talent, increases transparency, automates scheduling, and gathers interview feedback.

A hiring solution that helps mitigate corporate liability by creating bias-free job descriptions and job postings with instant matches to skilled, qualified, and experienced job seekers for bias-free selection.

A talent management solution aggregating internal employees and external job seekers through a single platform, providing on-demand pipeline prediction and a comprehensive view of skills, qualifications, experience, and hiring match percentages.

With all ajna technologies, you’ll get…

  • Bias-free job description, job posting, and profile building data-sets
  • Gated job seeker profiles, ensuring equitable search and selection
  • Skills and qualification percentage matching
  • Automated workflow processes;
    • Instant matching – eliminating the need to source
    • Internal communication – real-time notifications
    • In-system interview scheduling – reducing your back and forth
    • Two-way feedback management – 360-degree transparency
    • On-demand hire – self-managed search to placement