our mission

We are powered by connecting people, and our mission is to help people thrive and companies grow.

Ajna originated from a legacy of changing lives. We began as the brainchild of a recruitment team that wanted to do better, for more people, all the time.

Culture is moving toward a new normal. After decades of deep division and widespread inequity, we suddenly find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Coming out of pandemic chaos, lockdowns, and civil protests, the fabric of culture is moving. The role of work has become a central theme in this shift to a wider, more diverse, and equitable world.

Ajna is stepping in and providing seekers on both sides of the equation the technology needed to start and sustain a change to remove bias from hiring and the work ecosystem.

people are the spirit of every company

team ajna

Our team shares a singular goal: make hiring and work better.

Head of Sara Menke

Sara Menke

Founder and CEO

Headshot of Heather Burlew-Hayden

Heather Burlew-Hayden

Chief Strategy Officer

Headshot of Matt Ruport Juggling Apples

Matt Ruport

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Kimberly Hallowell

Kimberly Hallowell

Systems Project Manager

Headshot of Ana Levan

Ana Levan

Marketing Director

Headshot of Kailee Bentz

Kailee Benz

Product Manager

Headshot of Mali Swensen-Tehaney

Mali Swensen-Tehaney

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Headshot of Assim Gupta

Assim Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Technical Project Manager

Headshot of Logan Gorkov with cat on his shoulder

Logan Gorkov

Jr Copywriter