Our mission

Promote opportunity, advance equity, and strengthen inclusion

ajna originated from a legacy of changing lives.

What started as a wish, a dream, and then a goal of a recruitment team that wanted to do better, has now become a blossoming technology that is just scratching the surface of its full potential to make a huge impact on so many lives.

Bias in hiring is not news to any of us. While many companies have worked tirelessly to try to remove bias from their processes, it is impossible for us to remove all unconscious bias on our own.

ajna is stepping in to provide seekers on both sides of the equation with the technology needed to start and sustain a real change that will make hiring truly bias-free.

Our name

ajna is a word that comes from the hindi language and means internal insight and beyond wisdom.

It is the third eye chakra, representing the sixth sense of the unconscious mind, the all-knowing, the “intuition”.

When deciding on a name, we wanted to find something that defined our long-term vision for our technology to have a boundless technology that was able to see the un-seen. It had to be able to match what is often overlooked. It had to think for you and provide unbiased insight.

It had to be the source of truth that everyone could trust.

Committed to taking action and changing lives since 2020.

Our team

You may start as individual experts however, to be real change makers, you must be a team.

Sara Menke

Founder and CEO

Matt Ruport

Chief Operating Officer

Assim Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Technical Project Manager

Dhruv Sharma

Technical Project Manager

Kailee Benz

Product Manager

Kimberly Hallowell

Business Analytics Project Manager

Mali Swensen-Tehaney

Program Manager

Shellie Roanhaus

Marketing Project Manager