Our mission

Promote opportunity, advance equity, and strengthen inclusion.

ajna originated from a legacy of changing lives.

What began as a “what-if” statement, transformed into an idea that has evolved into a groundbreaking technology.

While numerous companies have pursued skills-based hiring, there remains significant room for enhancement in experience-first hiring practices.

ajna is taking the lead offering employers and talent the assurance of precise skills-based job matches,

a formidable change that will determine a companies’ future growth and success!

Our name

ajna, derived from the Hindi language, signifies ‘internal insight’ and transcends mere wisdom.

It embodies the essence of the third eye chakra, symbolizing the sixth sense of the unconscious mind—intuition, and all-knowing perception.

In selecting this name, we aimed to encapsulate our enduring vision for our technology—a limitless platform with the ability to perceive the unseen, identify what is frequently missed, think on behalf of users, and deliver impartial insights.

It had to be the ultimate source of trust that everyone could rely upon.

Committed to taking action and changing lives since 2020.

Our team

You may start as individual experts however, to be real change makers, you must be a team.

Sara Menke

Founder and CEO

Matt Ruport

Chief Operating Officer

Assim Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Swetha Gayathri Pandari

Technical Project Manager

Dhruv Sharma

Technical Project Manager

Kailee Benz

Product Manager

Kimberly Hallowell

Business Analytics Project Manager